Rad Dads: Simon Webster, Tscudo

    July 23, 2018The GoSee Team

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    Rad Dads: Simon Webster, Tscudo

    Rad Dad Simon Webster lives and breathes the outdoors. He’s been heavily involved in the industry for over eight years and last year launched his sun protective clothing brand, Tscudo. Made in Australia from recycled plastic bottles, Tscudo stays true to its core values of sustainability, sun protection and community.

    We caught up with Simon to get the lowdown on what he loves most about getting outside with his kids.

    What’s the biggest adventure you’ve taken your kids on?

    Our biggest adventure (and the one I enjoy most) is taking my kids to the mountains and snow. One particular holiday we managed to spend hours at the top of the mountain exploring the 'unexplored'. We could of been in the Himalayas together. The smiles on their faces and excitement was priceless.

    What’s the best thing (for you) about getting outside with your kids?

    Sharing time and listening to their grand questions (and answers) on life.

    What does your ideal weekend look like?

    Our weekends are fun yet busy with all the usual family/sport commitments, though we always find time for a walk or bike ride through what we call 'The Forest' (a small reserve with plenty of trees that runs along the Parramatta River). But a weekend away as a family sharing time by the beach or in the mountains is the perfect setting for us.

    What do you hope your kids will remember most about outdoor adventures with their dad?

    I hope the time we share together now inspires them to want to discover more of the world and the outdoors as they grow. What I love is when they see David Attenborough pop up on tv and quickly call me to watch it with them – you know you’ve planted the seed of curiosity.

    What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to other dads?

    My #1tip (apart from stocking up on nappies when they’re on special) is: embrace it all. Simply enjoy every stage as they grow. Before you know it your child will be walking... then going on there own adventures! Most importantly tell your child how you feel about them every day.

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