About Us

CamperMate was born out of a love for independent travel and the outdoors. We started in New Zealand back in 2006 when founder Adam Hutchinson wanted to come up with a way to help travellers find the things they need around them while they’re on the road. The result was the much-loved CamperMate app that shows travellers in Australia and New Zealand the locations of everything they need around them as they travel.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the pond, Outdoria and GoSeeAustralia were busy helping Australians get out and enjoy the outdoors by providing an outdoor gear marketplace, online booking platform for caravan and holiday parks and campervan rentals around the country as well as publishing inspiring stories from a community of 100s of travelling contributors.

They got to chatting and soon enough realised that they could offer travellers much more if they worked together. And so the new CamperMate came into being: offering campers, road trippers and explorers everything they need to make the most of their adventures across Australia and New Zealand.

We’re now much more than just a travel app or a booking site — we’re a growing community of travel nuts with some awesome tech to back us up. So whether you’re looking for the closest dump point to your camp, an amazing experience nearby or you want to book your next night’s accommodation, download the app — it’s free! If you’re planning your next getaway, browse the site for great gear, book at over 650 holiday parks and let our community of over 150 travelling contributors fill you in on the best hidden gems around Australia and New Zealand.

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