Lake Rotoiti, Otaramarae Rd boat ramp


    Boat Ramp in Rotorua, Bay of Plenty New Zealand

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    Boat ramp access to Lake Rotoiti with ample parking and toilets facilities. One of the gems of the Eastern Region fishery, Lake Rotoiti produces quality trout of a large average size. The lake is open to all methods from October 1 to June 30. Shallow trolling or harling over the weed beds and around the drop-off early and late in the day is productive during spring and autumn, or when water temperatures are below 17 degrees. In the warmer months use methods that go deeper such as trolling with wire, lead line, and downriggers, or jigging. Fly fishing at cooler stream mouths like Wai-iti or Hauparu early after the change of light is another good summer fishing option. Shoreline fishing from Tapuaekura Bay stream mouth through to the Hinehopu landmark remains open after June 30 when the rest of the lakes closes to boat fishing. The best times are at the change of light morning and evening, early in the morning or at night up to midnight when fishing closes. Stalking cruising trout, or casting over the weed beds during the day, is also popular. Lake Rotoiti has five boat ramps that provide access to all points of the lake.

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