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    Scenic Road - Tukituki River



    Fishing Spot in Hawke's Bay, Hawke's Bay New Zealand

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    Access is off Scenic road and is located alongside the Lindsay Bush reserve. Lots of parking and a nice spot for lunch followed by a bush walk and an afternoon fishing. The middle reaches of the Tukituki River offer a wide variety of fishing that is suited to most methods. The river flows through a braided channel and is a mixture of pools and long runs that is suited to both fly and spin fishing. A number of tributaries flow into the Tukituki along this section and so the volume of water increases markedly as one moves downstream. Mostly the river flows over open land and as there is limited bankside vegetation, in bright and warm weather trout tend to lie in the deeper pools. The river warms significantly over the summer months and at times weed can be a problem. During dry periods the river flow can be severely reduced making fishing more difficult. Generally however, this is a very good fishery providing excellent fishing conditions throughout most of the season.

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    120 Scenic Road, Hawke's Bay 4283, New Zealand