Lake Dunstan


    Fishing Spot in Central Otago, Otago New Zealand

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    Lake Dunstan is New Zealand's most recently formed (1993) hydro lake. It has three arms, the Clutha Arm, the Kawarau Arm and the Dunstan Arm. The Clutha Arm is the most productive fishery of the three, especially in the shallow waters of the upper section and where the Clutha River flows in. The lake contains four species of sports fish - rainbow trout, brown trout, landlocked Chinook salmon and redfin perch. In addition at least three native species are present: the longfinned eel, one species of bully (Gobiomorphus), and koaro (Galaxias brevipinnis). The most successful method of fishing Lake Dunstan is by using a boat for trolling spinning lures or for harling flies. It comes as a surprise to many anglers to find that the best days for trolling are those when the lake surface is moderate to rough. And a quality depth sounder/fish finder is, proverbially, worth its weight in gold. The best lures for trolling in clear water are the King Cobras in the No. 63 (red, yellow and green) and No. 75 (gold with a red stripe) patterns. In the shallow water over weed beds at the head of the Clutha Arm, a No. 52, green and yellow `Harlequin frog' pattern is popular.

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