Moke Lake


Fishing Spot in Queenstown, Otago New Zealand

Moke Lake
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If sight fishing to wary brown trout is your sport, then a visit to Moke and Kirkpatrick is a must. Signposted from the Queenstown/ Glenorchy Road, Moke Lake and its neighbouring smaller brother Kirkpatrick are only a short drive from Queenstown. Both contain shallow productive weed beds and very smart brown trout. Often the best way to target fish which cruise the shallow margins is to study their feeding pattern and set an ambush. Wait until the trout is out of sight before presenting your lure and then await their return. This tactic will help to avoid spooking wary fish, a common result when casting directly at well educated trout. Like most still waters, when the lake surface is ruffled by wind a small weighted Woolly Bugger or Monsums Bully can produce surprising result. Suspending a small nymph under an indicator can also be productive. [Fishing Regulations](



Access off Moke Lake Road (gravel Road)

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