Makarora River


Fishing Spot in Wanaka, Otago New Zealand

Makarora River
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This large river rises under Mt Brewster on the Main Divide, cuts through a deep, narrow gorge, and flows down a pleasing valley into the head of Lake Wanaka. Several rivers flow in from the west, two of which the Young and the Wilkin are good fisheries in their own right. The Makarora in its upper reaches, above the confluence of the Young, is a vivacious river pools, runs, ripples, glides, all with a backdrop of beech forest and mountain. However, fish numbers generally aren't high in the river above the Young confluence. While it sometimes holds excellent fish, the river can receive quite a lot of angling pressure as the main Haast Pass highway is never far from the water. As a rule the fishing is best either early or late in the season. When northerly winds pipe down the valley they deter all but fanatics and extreme optimists. There is a Department of Conservation Field Station, store and petrol pump, cabin, motel and bunkroom accommodation at Makarora, about 46km from Hawea Township. [Fishing Regulations](



Access off Wilkin road

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