Stony (Hangatahua) River


    Fishing Spot in Taranaki, Taranaki New Zealand

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    The Stony River often has the best water quality of any ringplain fishery and in 1985 was the first NZ river to be granted a Local Water Conservation Notice. However, the Stony trout fishery is periodically decimated by sand and ash from rain-induced erosion events on Taranaki Maunga. These events have become more frequent in recent years, but in between times the habitat stabilises and the river can hold reasonable numbers of wild and hatchery rainbow trout. Have a look at the river from the SH45 Bridge and if it is clear then the Stony River Walkway provides access to a series of good pools and runs.

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    Stony River Walkway of Kaihihi Road (upper) just south of Okato on SH45.