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    Ruamahanga River - Martinborough Bridge


    Fishing Spot in Wairarapa, Wellington New Zealand

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    This river rises in the Tararua Range and drains southward over 120kms past Masterton to enter the sea at Lake Ferry. Access to the river is quite good. The upper Ruamahanga within the Tararua Forest Park has walking access either at Mt Bruce, where SH2 crosses the Ruamahanga, or via the headwaters of the Mangatainoka River at Putara. The river here is classic wilderness fishing with a comparatively small number of large fish in gin clear water. It is best fished mid-summer when wading conditions are comfortable and trout are actively feeding. Downstream of the Tararua Forest Park fishing is patchy until close to Masterton. From Masterton to Martinborough, access is from a number of road ends or bridge crossings all leading off SH2 down to Martinborough. Downstream from Martinborough, access can be gained from either side of the river off either Kahutara Road or Martinborough Lake Ferry Road. The river is bigger here, with numerous big pools and large numbers of fish. Spinning and bait fishing are best early and late in the season. Winter fishing is good. Fly fishing is favoured during summer as temperatures rise and hatches of natural fly become prolific. Backwaters, favoured by cruising trout, are a test for anglers attempting to intercept these fish with small nymph patterns. Further downstream below the Tuhitarata Bridge, trolling is popular especially in the autumn when sea-run brown trout move into the river. Salmon are occasionally caught in this area. Some of the best perch fishing in our region is found here with fish of up to 2kg caught. Although primarily a brown trout fishery, increasing numbers of both perch and rainbow trout are being taken by anglers. Bait fishing comes into its own here.

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