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    Mowhanau Lookout


    Campground in Whanganui, Manawatu-Whanganui New Zealand

    Mowhanau Lookout - 0
    Mowhanau Lookout - 1
    Free CampgroundsFree CampgroundsSelf-contained vehicles onlySelf-contained vehicles only


    Max 2 nights, certified self contained only All Vehicles must be parked within marked spaces where provided; Where there are marked designated Freedom Camping spaces at a location, Freedom Camping is restricted to the designated Freedom Camping spaces; Where Freedom Camping occurs in ordinary marked parking spaces, Freedom Camping Vehicles must be parked with at least one full marked space between them. Where there are specific spaces marked for Freedom Camping, Vehicles may be parked next to each other; Vehicles must not be parked in such a way as to block access to or from any other Vehicle or the access of any Vehicle to or from any parking space that that vehicle does not directly occupy, or any public area or private property; Where a Max Time is given, these are non-consecutive and apply within any four week period; Where a Max Vehicle is given, that is the maximum number of Vehicles that can be Freedom Camping in the specified area at any one time; Where a Vehicle Type is specified, only Vehicles of that type can be used for Freedom Camping in the specified area. Where Large Vehicles are referred to, these refer to any Vehicle of class 2 or higher; Where an area is restricted to “Contained camping only”, Camping Paraphernalia must be contained within any Vehicle Freedom Camping in that area; Vehicles that are Certified Self-Contained must display evidence of their certification at all times. Note: A four night time limit means that a Freedom Camper can only stay in that Freedom Camping area for five days total within any four week period. Note: A vehicle type of “Certified Self-Contained only” means that only Vehicles that are Certified Self-Contained can Freedom Camp in the specified area. A Vehicle type of “any” means that any Vehicle can Freedom Camp in the specified area.